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Ways to Give

Bowman School accepts both unrestricted and restricted gifts.

There are a variety of ways to give to Bowman School:


Donation Policies

All donors are responsible for obtaining their own tax and legal advice.

The size, frequency, or method of monetary contributions is confidential, and to maintain equity and inclusion for all community members, Bowman staff beyond those in the Development Office are not aware of any gifts made to the school unless approved by the donor. Bowman School does not discriminate based on size, frequency, or method of monetary gifts to the school. Thus, Bowman will not give preferential treatment to donors nor will engage in expectations for quid pro quo; a donation is a gift and will not influence decisions made by the school.

To maintain an equitable admissions process, Bowman School will not accept gifts from donors affiliated with a prospective student at any point during the admissions process until a final decision on admission is made. This does not apply to families who are already affiliated with Bowman School, such as alumni, parents, or grandparents of current or former Bowman students.

Bowman School will not accept gifts that:

  • Would result in Bowman School violating its Articles of Incorporation
  • Would result in Bowman School losing its status as an 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization
  • Are too difficult or too expensive to administer in relation to their value
  • Would result in any unacceptable consequences for Bowman School
  • Are for purposes outside Bowman School’s mission.

Decisions on the restrictive nature of a gift, and its acceptance or refusal, shall be made by the Head of School in consultation with the Development Team and Board of Trustees.