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Parents select Bowman for the educational environment desired for their children, but quickly realize the Bowman community is valuable for the entire family.

From entertaining events that include parents and siblings to Head of School Roundtables that provide support on academic and social topics, Bowman is committed to helping families grow, learn, and succeed together. Below are a few examples of annual events for the whole family.

At the beginning of each school year, Bowman hosts a casual gathering for families and teachers to meet and mingle.

In late winter, Bowman partners with a local ice rink for an evening of skating, pizza, hot cocoa, and good company.

In early spring, a student-led committee works with our parent volunteer group to host a school dance for all ages.

In early May, we celebrate the founding of the school by bringing the community together to explore and enjoy food, games, and crafts from various cultures following our three-year cycle of continent study.


Getting Involved

Bowman encourages parent participation while also recognizing the demanding daily schedules of many of its parents. Consequently, the school invites parents to share their talents in ways that fit best with their busy lives. There are many opportunities for involvement at Bowman, including:

  • Giving classroom talks on an area of expertise
  • Creating and running after-school clubs around specific interests
  • Assisting the Athletic Director and faculty coach for a certain sports team
  • Working with the Bowman Community Association (BCA) to serve as a liaison for other parents or to volunteer at community events
  • Assisting the Head of School with a variety of activities and events, such as admissions tours, capital campaigns, and other marketing activities

Sharing time and talents is a wonderful way parents can partner with the school.



What People Are Saying

On the Montessori Method at Bowman

“We have looked on in wonder, respect, and appreciation as each of our children has grown and thrived at Bowman. Both of them, nurtured in their individual learning styles and exposed to rich experiences and opportunities, have excelled in core academics, as well as having built skills in multiple languages, a spectrum of unique interests beyond ‘the basics’, a deep respect for world cultures, and a sense of individual responsibility.”

On Bowman’s Staff 

“Bowman staff members understand each child’s strengths and challenges. Their thoughtful, informed, and caring feedback helps me guide my son’s academic, social, and ethical development.”

On Bowman’s Multicultural Community

“Imagine our daughter arriving here from Japan, not speaking a word of English and visiting the school for the first time, quite nervously. As she stepped into the classroom, the Bowman students spontaneously formed a queue to greet her individually in Japanese! We literally saw her eyes sparkle. From that moment, our daughter felt part of the team. The students’ outstanding attitude at Bowman is a reflection of the school’s core values – the pursuit of both humanity and academic achievements.”

On Individualized Learning 

“I’m particularly impressed with the entire administration and staff’s dedication to each individual’s success in life and learning. There is a deep commitment to finding what works best for each child. I know my child has benefited immeasurably from their approach.”

On Critical Thinking

“We were looking for a school that would challenge our son’s intellect and promote his love of learning. Bowman provided the rich learning environment we were looking for. By the time our son went to high school and college, he was a joyful, self-directed learner. He knew how to figure things out, how to do research, and how to communicate his ideas. He was able to complete two bachelor's degrees at Stanford, and is now in a doctoral program at U.C. Berkeley, and attributes much of his success to the skills he learned at Bowman.”