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Bowman offers a wide range of sports extra curricular teams to fifth- through eighth-year students as part of our commitment to the development of the whole child. Bowman is a member of the Small Schools Intermediate League (SSIL) and competes in a variety of sports including cross country, flag football, volleyball, golf, basketball, soccer, tennis, and bowling.


Bowman understands that the performing arts hold innumerable benefits for children’s development. Creative expression gives students an outlet and activates a different area of the brain than academic work. Practical skills include hand-eye coordination, memory, and pattern recognition. The social element of performing encourages the development of self-esteem, self-reliance, and cooperation.


Students can impact their school experience and culture by organizing club activities. Potential clubs must present to our student council as part of the approval process, and the council ensures that  all club endeavors are just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive.


Theater is an opportunity to build the skills of communication, collaboration, and presentation while also developing confidence and creativity. Students are actively involved in all aspects of the production including directing, choreography, costume design, sets and props, sound and lighting cues, and artwork for the sets and programs.


Bowman Student Council is a volunteer-based opportunity open to students in Upper Elementary and Secondary. The council works to support all levels of the school with problem solving as well as ensuring that our community is connected and inclusive. In addition to community projects, the student council is responsible for reviewing club applications.



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