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Beyond Bowman


Service Emphasis

Service learning supports students in building a sense of community and developing tools for meaningful civic engagement. Our youngest students engage in service within their classroom community while Elementary Level students consider their larger communities. By Secondary, students are able to engage more deeply in service projects both on and off campus.


At Bowman, we believe that learning happens in a variety of settings not limited to the classroom. Hive Days provide an opportunity to engage in outside service or cultural activities without it counting as an absence. Students have used Hive Days to engage with family culture and elderly relatives as well as to volunteer with local organizations.


Prior to receiving their diploma, 8th grade students are required to complete a total of 20 hours of service outside of Bowman’s campus. Students typically find volunteer opportunities related to their areas of interest – examples include service at horse ranches, dance studios, habitat restoration projects, local community gardens, and local sports leagues.


Professional Involvement

Bowman believes that the best staff members are committed, life-long learners. As such, we support and incentivize our staff to engage in Montessori training and a wide range of professional development opportunities. In addition to regular in-school professional development, staff members attend international, regional, and local workshops and conferences on Montessori and other fields related to their work. They are presenters at local and national conferences, active contributors to education-focused publications, and leaders in numerous Montessori organizations.

Head of School Mary Beth Ricks currently serves as:

Bowman staff members are involved in the following professional organizations: